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Our Origin Story

Two years ago, I started a project with my 13-year-old son during a Covid lockdown. With plenty of time on our hands, we turned our focus to playing every conceivable card game we could get our hands on. Some were great, but others, well, not so great. We kept returning to the great ones, which we played over and over. The great ones always had some elements that we loved, but we wished for a game that would include everything we enjoyed. We wanted to combine humour, strategy, chance, puns, explosions, hilarious player challenges, card swaps, sudden twists, and the ability for players to create their own wild rules, all combined into one ultimate game, with simple rules based around a simple concept.

The more we discussed it, the more the ideas began to flow, and that’s when “Wacky Puppies” was born.


We began mapping out our ideas, categorizing the cards and creating the game mechanics. Together with Kimberly (our master artist) who put pen-to-paper (really stylus to tablet), the myriad of characters we wanted in the game sprang to life. After printing our first decks of test cards, we began playing with friends and family. Game night became more hilarious, more unpredictable and more engaging than ever before.


Expansion Packs

But the ideas didn’t stop with that original game. With only the adults, the ideas continued into a NSFW version, with more amazing characters, situations, puns, and double meanings which are all guaranteed to get the conversation (and laughter) going.

With two versions of the game already, we realised that the concept allowed us to let our imaginations run riot. Together with your support, the World of ‘Wacky Puppies’ will be expanded even further, with expansion packs (and standalone games) for children, teens, and adults of all ages.

Mark, Alex and the Wacky Puppy Team !

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