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Our Origin Story

Hi everyone !


I’m Mark, creator of the crazy new card game, Wacky Puppies.


3 years ago, during a brutally long Covid lockdown, I started a project with my 13-year-old son. At the time, the world was living through a painful period. Schools were closed and work was challenging. Many people everywhere were stressed and fearful. The only way forward was to stay positive and hopeful. As a dad, I had no choice but to “step up” and be reassuring that life will eventually return to normal.

So, I changed our focus. With plenty of time on our hands, we turned to doing fun things together and decided to play every conceivable card game we could get our hands on. Some were great, but others, well, not so great. We kept returning to the great ones, which we played over and over. The great ones always had some elements that we loved, but we wished for a game that would include everything we enjoyed. We wanted to combine humor, strategy, funny artwork, puns, silly player challenges, sudden twists & turns, into one ultimate game, with simple rules based around a simple concept.

The more we discussed it, the more the ideas began to flow, and that’s when “Wacky Puppies” was born.

We began mapping out our ideas, categorizing the cards, and creating the game mechanics. Together with Kimberly (our friend & artist) who put pen-to-paper, the myriad of characters we wanted in the game sprang to life. After printing our first deck of cards at home, we began playing with friends and family. That’s when something spectacular happened: game night became more hilarious, more unpredictable, and more engaging than ever before. The feedback was so overwhelmingly positive, that our friends asked for copies of our trial deck to play with others. Wow.

It has taken 3 long years to create the artwork, and the game has gone through 5 major revisions. We soon realized that our concept could be expanded even further to various expansion packs (and standalone games) for children, teens, and adults of all ages. And after playing this game with countless friends, the next obvious step on this quest to introduce Wacky Puppies to the world, was to launch it on Kickstarter and share it with everyone.

I hope that you give the game a try and experience the fun for yourself. 

Mark & the Wacky Puppy Team

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