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Embrace Betrayal. 
Blow-up your friends.

  • 2-5 Players

  • 2 min to learn

  • 10-20 min to play

  • Ages 7+

  • Ideal for families and adult game night

Unleash mischief. Practice your
evil laugh.

Wacky Puppies™ is filled with crazy artwork, unexpected situations, wacky characters, and jam-packed with sudden twists & turns. Shock & Awe your friends and become the Game Guru of your inner circle.

How to play Wacky Puppies
How to play.png

The goal is simple: playfully taunt your fellow players as you disrupt their strategies and strive to be the last player standing in this unique party game!

Super intuitive and takes only 2 minutes to learn. Wacky Puppies is perfect for party nights and gatherings, guaranteeing an evening filled with laughter and suspense.

WP White table Wide.jpg

Simple concept
Super easy to play

Holding a Bomb and a Detonator makes you explode, whereas holding only one, doesn’t. Use the different types of cards to blow up your friends, take part in mini-challenges, or unleash absolute chaos. 

Jurassic Bark.png

Fun artwork

The artwork is meticulously drawn and features misfits and oddball characters. Was our artist hallucinating during the creation process? We're not really sure...

Don Corlebone.png

& interactive

We've combined everyone's favourite elements into a simple quirky game, featuring mini player challenges, suspense, and unexpected twists. What more could you ask for?


NSFW Expansion

The NSFW Expansion has more crazy characters, situations, puns, and double meanings which guarantee to get the adult conversation (and laughter) going. Just the right amount of naughtiness for game night.

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