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Brace yourself for an unforgettable experience filled with laughter, wacky challenges, dog-loving aliens, yoga puppies with an extra dose of flatulence, and more. Get ready to embark on a wild adventure with your friends and family, where every moment is guaranteed to be a howling great time!


Dog Puns.
Crazy Characters.
Silly Challenges.


Amazing artwork.
Belly laughs.
Unforgettable fun.

  • 2-5 Players

  • 2 min to learn

  • 10-20 min to play

  • Ages 7+

  • Ideal for families and adult game night

Game night
will never 
be the same!

Wacky Puppies™ is filled with hilarious artwork, crazy characters, and jam-packed with sudden twists & turns! Perfect for all ages, and a guaranteed hit with friends, family and your special plus one. 

WP Back_Mockup_02.jpg

The funniest new card game in 2023

WP White table Wide.jpg

Our Intro

The goal is simple enough : don’t blow up. You will find a variety of cards to help you avoid, delay and escape explosions, but also ways to attack (and torment) other players along the way. Who doesn’t love crazed puppies, blast shelters, teleportation, yelling like Tarzan, and asking players to participate in challenges? Get ready ! Here come the puppies !


Simple concept
Super easy to play

Holding a Bomb and a Detonator makes you explode, whereas holding only one, doesn’t. Use one of the 18 different types of cards to escape, deflect, or delay explosions. Easy, right ?

Jurassic Bark.png

Fun artwork

The artwork is meticulously drawn and features an array of stylized puppies. Bright, cheerful, they make the game a pleasure to play. Fun for kids and adults alike.

Don Corlebone.png

& interactive

We have combined all the best gameplay elements into one incredibly simple fun game! Enjoy silly interactive challenges to unleash unforgettable moments with your fellow gamers. 

NSFW 1300x1300.jpg

Expansion packs

The NSFW version has more amazing characters, situations, puns, and double meanings which are all guaranteed to get the conversation (and laughter) going. The cards are not obscene or rude, but have the right amount of naughtiness for game night.

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Blending fun and intuitive gameplay, Wacky Puppies™ is suitable for the whole family or an evening with friends. With deep strategic elements and a whole load of sass, it’s a card game everyone should be playing. 

WP Players 1.jpg


Sometimes games come along that hit you so hard that want to grab everyone you know and get them playing. Wacky Puppies™ is one of those! It stands out as one of the best upcoming card games in years. You will spend half your time laughing at the things you make each other do. Or, in the case of some cards card, make yourself do.


It’s a world of silliness that will make you cry with laughter! Wacky Puppies is very intuitive and simple to play. Players take turns drawing cards from the Standard deck until someone holds a Bomb and Detonator. Holding both cards will make you explode, so as soon as you grab one of either cards… the challenge begins!

Standard & Special Ability Deck.jpg
Overview 1 all.jpg


Do you smell that? It’s the smell of trouble! That’s right — the real fun starts when players start messing with each other’s cards! Sabotage your opponents using cards— gift them a Bomb, steal the cards you like, have them swap their entire hand for yours, Shuffle The Deck, or even look at the deck cards before drawing… and much more!

Happy Festivus.jpg


Hilarious moments are unavoidable thanks to Special Ability Cards. Hold a distraction card? Use it to make your opponents do silly things – ask them to blow into their elbow, lick their nose, speak with their mouth closed, or make up your own silly challenges. Hold any of the other types of Special Ability Cards? Use them to get an edge over your opponents and always be one step ahead. Have fun and be creative

Booger Danger.png
Bottom Burp.png
Bottom Burp.png
Pull A Yoda.png


Increase the silly factor with some unique cards where you will need to do silly things yourself to gain an advantage. Yell like Tarzan, dance your eyebrows or do a little dance. No one is immune from laughter in this game.

Eyebrow Disco.png
Street Dance.png
Crab Walking.png


Ever wonder if you could beat someone in a stare or laugh challenge? Do you have the special ability to read a person’s lips from across the room?  Well, it’s time to find out with Challenge cards. The fun certainly doesn’t stop with these cards as you find out who’s the player with the most special abilities. 

Stare Challenge.png
Don Corlebone.png
Hairy Pawter.png
Laughing Challenge.png


Stay in the game by avoiding the explosion. Get help from the 18 unique cards that can help you escape, deflect or delay any explosions before it’s too late — gift your bomb to your opponent, use your personal emergency transporter, or have the puppy bomb squad come over and disarm your bomb.


Are you lucky enough to hold 2 Collect cards? Then you're allowed to draw a card from the Special Abilities deck and get a boost from some ridiculously awesome abilities.



Play with punny-named dog cards, some of which are inspired by popular culture characters and others that are no less fun!

Bark Vader.png
Sherlock Bones.png
Indiana Bones.png


Wacky Puppies™ is a game you will talk about, share and enjoy with everyone. It’s not just a game. It’s an experience you can’t help but love. This is a game you will keep coming back to because it is different every time. Enjoy how each player reacts, the strategy they use, and how they embrace the silliness. It’s a game you will want to play again and again.

Players laughing.jpg

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